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How do I save the video file with subtitles?

This is by far the most frequent question. What I have to say is that what you want to do does not have anything to do with Subtitle Workshop. The program is not meant for this task and never will. It can only handle binary/text based subtitles and cannot "attach" them to any video. However, this does not mean there is no way to achieve this task, it only means that you can't do it with Subtitle Workshop (although it can help a bit). Note that we do not recommend at all to burn subtitles into video file (unless it's absolutely necessary) since the subtitles won't be able to be removed after and it needs whole re-compression of the movie, due to which you will loose video quality and precious time.

How can I add subtitles to the DVDs I create?

Another of the most frequent questions. Subtitle Workshop does not do the full job, but it can help a bit. You need additional software to achieve this task.

I try to load a subtitle and I always get the same error message. What shall I do?

Every time you load a file, it will be checked to see if it is a valid file and which is it's format. Most of the files will load properly, but if you get the "The file is a bad subtitle or an unsupported format" error message, there is still some chance you can load the file. First of all you must be sure about the format of the file, if you are, then proceed like this:


  • Click the "File/Load subtitle" menu.
  • A dialog will pop up, you have to select the right filter in it (there is a combo box where you see the "All supported files" text, you have to click the button with the arrow that is next to it and select the format of the file).
  • Once you have done this, press the Open button in the dialog.


This way there will be no automatic format recognition nor file check. If the file still can't be loaded, you will get the error message. In this case, if you are sure the file is a text-based subtitle format e-mail it to us.

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